Well, let’s see what is Children in-details

What if you need to create a presentation for kids or an educational cartoon?

Who if not a kid character will help you to deliver the desired information in a funny entertaining way to the full-of-kids audience. You can create an unlimited amount of cute children characters with different emotions and animations with help of our AinTrailers explainer toolkit. Kids characters constructor has just as many opportunities as the constructor of adult characters. There is numerous items of clothing available for kids - 119 pieces of clothing, among which you can find both unisex clothing as well as gender-specific. There is also a big variety of hairstyles, lips, noses, 4 different types of eyes (girls' versions of which come with eyelashes). Numerous amount of options for emotions of eyes and lips will allow you to generate any emotion, if none of the 108 pre-made emotions fit your concept. We have over 70 pre-made animations for kids. Keep in mind that you can always edit any of the completed animations or create a new one because our child characters are fully rigged.


Next one is to define ears and eyes for your character

4 ears & eyes types

See variations
See variations


Second step is choise nose and eyebrowes form

11 eyebrows & 29 noses


After biometrics are chosen, let’s add haircut


93 haircuts

See variations


Choose one of many costumes for your purpose

119 children costumes


Add some charm to character with hat and glasses


78 hats

24 glasses

Actually it's more simple to choose what you like in AE


Wear him comport or beatiful footwear & image is ready!


27 footwear


Include emotions to your character


108 pre-made face expressions

See variations


Or combine them yourself with eye expressions

103 eye expressions



And with mouth variations

72 mouth expressions



Then choose hands

29 hands

70 animations