About AinTrailers

Explain better with AinTrailers Ultimate Explainer Video Toolkit

Mission of AinTrailers

The mission of AinTrailers is to enable everyone with even basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects to create their own professional animated videos by making the process faster, easier, and affordable.

What is AinTrailers?

Everything you need to make incredible animated videos

Basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects is required

AinTrailers is an incredible After Effects template that allows everyone with basic knowledge of After Effects or minimum design skills to create engaging professional animated videos within minimum time and without headache.

What does it mean? With AinTrailers toolkit you can make fantastic explainer videos, startup intros, product demos, corporate presentations, infographics, or whatever else you might want to create.

AinTrailers are full-featured, intuitive, clean and well-structured templates that contain 16 unique categories with all the necessary elements to create any video, and, the main powerful feature - an amazing Character Builder that allows to create professional-looking, rigged and animation-ready Male, Female, Kids and Robot characters with a huge amount of character’s elements and pre-made animations and emotions.

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AinTrailers animation toolkit was created by AinForce team of professional web & motion designers, illustrators and developers who specialize in motion design, illustrations, web design and web development.

We put effort and long hours into the process of creating and developing the unique professionally-drawn animated elements; there is more than 3000 of them in the AinTrailers Package.

How the idea for AinTrailers was born?

Explainer videos are a great tool for capturing audience's attention and engaging them in the process. Video can be used wherever you desire. Businesses and start-ups can use them for explaining the work process, they can help detail the advantages of a new product or be a promo tool for it. Teachers or students can use them for creating animated presentations, enrich visual storytelling or create visual aids for learning. Individuals can use them for event announcements or fun videos.

But what is the problem? The process of creating an animated video or presentation is difficult, moreover, it takes a lot of time and resources. Especially, if you need to create a high-quality unique explainer video.

It can be too pricey for some people, who cannot use services of motion-design studios because of the high prices, unavailability of resources, or high workload. Freelancers struggle to quickly create the whole product on their own which affects the dates the product becomes ready, and, a lot of times, the quality of that product. And time, as we all know, is money. First-time users will spend even more time and efforts, and it is not guaranteed that the final product will be finished and of high quality.

Our team, having five years of experience of creating personalized animated explainer videos, product demos, event announcements, promotion videos, and others. Now we decided to create a product for Adobe After Effects that takes into consideration all aspects and contains a big amount of all necessary elements for creating a video of any difficulty level and also shortens the creating process. And that is how the idea for AinTrailers was born.

Why AinTrailers?

We provide a powerful characters builder, more than 3000 industry specific elements that can help you fully focus on your story. Do it yourself.
For professionals or AE newbies Our AinTrailers template is intuitive, well-structured, and allows you to easily create incredible scenes by using drag-and-drop interface and required configuration.
Use your media Ability to import and place your own media, illustrations or videos into our template.
Fast results Choice, adaptation or modification of finished elements that are associated with hundreds of industries, occupations or activities is much faster than creating new ones from scratch.
Affordable AinTrailers package includes over 3000 unique high-quality elements & animations and it is all at an affordable cost of just $65. Amazing deal!
Ability to manually Lip-Sync A large variety of mouth expressions will allow you to match them with the words and letters pronounced by the character and give your character a voice, making it look even more real.
Completely customizable Ability to customize characters, objects, elements and animations according to your company guidelines. Your video will definitely be unique!
Infinite character modification Absolute freedom to customize any character you want. Create a clone of yourself, your friends, customers or even celebrities. You can change every piece of the face. It is really fun.
Ability to 4K Video output High-quality video with high dimension will look great on retina displays, big monitors, TVs, and projector screens.