Well, let’s see what is Robot character in-details

Can not assign gender to the character of your video? What about using a robot?

AinTrailers Character Builder for Adobe After Effects apart from a builder of male, female, and kid characters, also contains additional small builder for robots. Make your video or scene more live and dynamic by bringing a robot to action. You need to silently express an emotion or pick something up? Not a problem! A robot can perform majority of tasks no worse than a human character, especially when there are specific requirements where a robot would be a better fit for the scene. AinTrailers constructor allows you to choose the lower body in: wheels or caterpillar options; there are also 10 options for eyes emotions and 10 options for mouth emotions. Constructor will help you create any necessary emotion for the robot and easily make any animation of the robot itself, because our robot is fully rigged. There are 21 pre-made basic animations for the robot.


Choose emotions of eye

10 eye emotions


Choose emotions of mouth

10 mouth emotions


Let it go with different wheel positions

4 wheel design


Define animation

21 animations