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Special and Medical Characters for After Effects

Introducing 100 Special and Medical Animated Characters for After Effects

AinTrailers v3.2 explainer video toolkit replenished with an exclusive pack of 100 special rigged characters for After Effects. Each character is available as a separate template for After Effects. There are 3 types of character body available for most costumes. Why is this pack called “special”? This is primarily due to the thematic content pack,…

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500 Character Animations for After Effects

Introducing 500 Character Animations in AinTrailers v3.2 Explainer Video Toolkit

Update 3.2 is one of the most anticipated updates for AinTrailers explainer video toolkit. This includes 500 completely created animations from scratch

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AinTrailers v3.2 - What's Improved

AinTrailers v3.2. What’s Improved in Characters and Character Assistant Plugin

AinTrailers v3.2 has received a number of changes and improvements in the character templates and the AinTrailers Characters Assistant plugin

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New Female Character for After Effects

New Female Character Template for After Effects in AinTrailers v3.2 Explainer Toolkit

Today we are announcing a new female character in AinTrailers v3.2.

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AinTrailers v3.1 Coronavirus Icons Pack for After Effects

AinTrailers v3.1 update includes 319 new icons related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Introducing AinTrailers 3.0 with Additional New Characters

Throughout this time, we have stayed true to our principle of making it super easy for our customers to easily create cutting edge 2D animation videos that look great. On top of all this it, we always strive to make the AinTransitions product the most versatile and cost effective 2D animation pack available. We are…

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