Well, let’s see what is Female in-details

Create your own female character with AinTrailers Female Builder

Create and customize your rigged female characters from a catalog of 154 unique outfits, 24 pairs of shoes, huge amount of hairstyles, noses, mouths, ears, eyebrows, eyes, 165 eyes expressions, and 190+ pre-made face expressions and 500+ female pre-made animations and other attributes. This large variety allows you to create an infinite amount of beautiful female characters. Save time on creating a new character and use it to add more detailed features and to create other parts for your animated video. The example below will better explain to you all the possibilities of the AinTrailers Woman Character Builder. Enjoy!

The visual examples below are based on AinTrailers v1.3. The current AinTrailers v3 has become more advanced and flexible, including the number of characters. Now the toolkit contains 4 female actors. The actual preview of the elements is included in the archive with the pack.


Define ears and eyes for your character

9 ears & 16 eyes design

See variations


Second step is choise nose and eyebrowes form

19 eyebrows & 36 noses


After biometrics are chosen, let’s add haircut


56 haircuts


Choose one of many costumes for your purpose

154 female costumes

Rigged structure makes animation process easy and fun


Add some charm to character with hat and glasses


115 hats

27 glasses

Actually it's more simple to choose what you like in AE


Wear him comport or beatiful footwear & image is ready!


24 footwear


Include emotions to your character


190 pre-made face expressions

See variations


Or combine them yourself with eye emotions

165 eye expressions



And with mouth variations

125 mouth expressions



Then choose hands

36 hands

500+ female animations