Well, let’s see what in Male in-details

AinTrailers - the new way to create your own unique characters.
It’s time to play with the process.

Create your own Male character. You can create a character of yourself, your friends, absolutely any unique character or even celebrities. Your generated character will be ready for the animation or you can use it on any animation that have already been created. Of course the biggest advantage of our constructor is the large variety of clothes to choose from - 165 unique outfits, among which you will find a costume for any profession and activity, even different superheroes. We created 3 head shapes, 4 different pairs of eyes, 29 noses, 11 shapes of eyebrows, 58 hairstyles, 29 beards, and 27 mustaches to make your characters more distinct. And of course, we have to mention the large variety of eyes emotions (which is 103) and lips (72) that can be mixed & matched to create any face expressions if you cant choose from the 108 pre-made ones we have. Apart from clothing, we also have other attributes, such as 67 hats, 24 different glasses, and 20 pairs of shoes. To save your money and time, we added 131 pre-made character animations that contain the majority of most frequently expressed human emotions to the package. And if that is not enough for you, you can always create any needed animation with a character by using the controlled elements, since the character is fully rigged. AinTrailers Male Character Builder will without a doubt save your time. Go ahead!


First of all choose head shape

3 head shapes


Next one is to define ears and eyes for your character

4 ears & eyes types

See variations


Third step is choise nose and eyebrowes form

11 eyebrows & 29 noses


After biometrics are chosen, let’s add haircut


58 haircuts

See variations


Need any beard or mustache or both? Here they are!

29 beards & 27 mustache

See variations


Choose one of many costumes for your purpose

165 male costumes

Actually it’s more simple to choose what you like in AE
Rigged structure makes animation process easy and fun


Add some charm to character with hat and glasses


67 hats

24 glasses

Actually it's more simple to choose what you like in AE


Wear him comport or beautiful footwear & image is ready!


20 footwear


Include emotions to your character


108 pre-made face expressions

See variations


Or combine them yourself with eye emotions

103 eye expressions



And with mouth variations

72 mouth expressions



Then choose hands

29 hands

131 male animations

Watch in action